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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tower Bridge Warehose conversion

This was a very interesting project. Massive, open plan, warehouse conversion within walking distance of famous Tower Bridge.

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Masses of open space with audio distributed throughout the apartment, with 5.1 system in living room and stereo pairs at each bedroom, master bath / spa and shower room.
We designed and programmed lighting scenes using a number of Lutron Grafik Eye Integrale dimmers, installed and supplied all lighting fittings.

Philips TSU9600 with RFX9600 is used to control audio video and lighting.

UPDATE March 2016
We recently updated this system with a new Onkyo AV receiver, Sky HD+ box and
URC Complete Control MRX-2 network controller using a number of iPhones and iPads as remote controllers. Dead Lutron Grafik Eye controllers were replaced with Fibaro HC2 network home center controlling a bank of Fibaro dimmers and motion sensors (also controlled via iPhones & iPads)

Updated equipment

Panasonic 42" Plasma TV is mounted on Unicol plasma stand with castors, so that it can be turned in whatever position needed. This proved to be a great solution, as there were no space on any walls to mount it. When not in use, it can be pushed against the wall. For real cinema experience, it can be positioned at designated place in the middle of the room, for optimal viewing angle from sofa.

                    Wall mounted, rear surround speakers are hidden behind venetian blinds

Main L/C/R speakers are KEF Ci200.3QT motorized speakers, residing over 3 meter long dining table.
So, when sitting at the dining table, they can fire down in "UP" position, and when watching a TV from a sofa, they come out and fire towards sofa in "DOWN" position. They are also set to audio sensing mode, so they come out as soon as there is audio played through

                                             KEF Ci200.3QT motorized speakers in action

KEF Ci200.3QT motorized speakers in action
                       Massive custom built SPA bath is part of open plan master bedroom suite.

Audio, video as well as Lutron lighting is controlled by Philips TSU9600 remote controller, with personalized wall papers for each page.

A (large) number of remote controllers is ported to Philips TSU9600
Equipment includes 42" Panasonic plasma TV, Sony 5,1 AV Receiver, Sony 400 CD charger (!),
Sky box, Panasonic DVDR and hard disk recorder, Pioneer DVD player and MusicQ multiroom system. Various Kef Ci series speakers throughout.

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