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Friday, 7 January 2011

Chelsea Townhouse, London UK

This was something completely different from the rest of my installations.
Period townhouse in the heart of Chelsea, full of classic furniture and artwork.
Brief was to hide everything and blend it with period furniture.

A pair of freestanding Kef speakers are providing sound at the top floor living room / gallery.

Equipment rack is hidden under the stairs in the main hallway. Pull-out and swivel Middle Atlantic rack houses Imerge S3000 4 zone music server, Opus System 500MCU master unit and Opus VCU500 video switcher, Denon DVD player, Sky HD box and Philips RFX9600 Serial Extender.

                                                 Pull-out and swivel Middle Atlantic rack

In Master bedroom, there is a Panasonic 42" full HD Plasma screen on pull-out and swivel wall mount. Screen can be pull out and watched from anywhere in the bedroom. Master bedroom has its own Sony Blue Ray DVD player and another SKY HD box. Opus WCU600 touch panel and pair of
Kef Ci160 2QS speakers complete the room spec.

Plasma screen in the master bedroom is hidden inside a custom built wall cabinet.

Partition wall had to be reinforced to hold the Panasonic Plasma screen and wall mount.

Study was fitted with another Panasonic 42" full HD Plasma screen, mounted on motorized lift inside a lovely, custom built chest, that also houses top of the range Yamaha YSP-      sound projector, and also provides storage for large CD and DVD library.

 Yamaha YSP-40D sound projector is hidden behind a removable panel with brown acoustic cloth that matches interior. Same cloth is also hiding a pair of speakers built in to a massive wall to wall display cabinet / library. 

A pair of Kef Ci160 2QS speakers were built in to study's wall to wall display cabinet / library / chest, and covered with matching brown cloth, making them almost invisible.

  Throughout the house, a number of Opus WCU600 touch panels are used to choose music sources. 
Stainless steel face plates will be soon replaced with cooper plates to match even better with interior, as they were not available at the time of install.

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