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Friday, 7 January 2011

Putney riverside apartment

One of my older installations. Contemporary riverside apartment, spread over two floors with double height living space. Brief was: "music everywhere!"
I fitted 8 ceiling speakers in the large, open plan living / dining / cooking area, so the whole floor is evenly covered.

Equipment wise, I used Imerge S3000 4 zone music server, with Opus 500 multi room system with video switching and older WCU500 wall pads. Top of the range Denon AVC-A1HDA AV amplifier and Denon DVD player, alongside HUMAX Foxsat HDR recorder / tuner complete the set up.
For vinyl, there is a beautiful ROKSAN Radius 5.2 Acrylic turntable. Pure beauty!!
There is also a pair of amazing B&W PV1 subwoofers, in silver finish, one for each floor!
Pioneer 42" HD plasma screen is hidden inside a wall storage with custom made pixelated print.
Latest addition to ever changing setup is tiny (but mighty) Apple TV box!
As always, everything, including lighting, is controlled by Philips TSU-9600 and RFX-9600 touch screen remote.
Lighting is taken care by a bank of 6 Lutron Grafik Eye Integrale dimmers and there is a custom color changing LED system, too.

New arrival to AV rack - Apple TV! Great little box.

Originally, all equipment was located in a small cabinet with shelves, but after couple of years, I repacked everything into two Middle Atlantic pull out AV racks, that can also swivel. (Great for maintenance, adding new stuff, etc.) We also installed temperature controlled fan 
(by Middle Atlantic, too), to keep all gear cool.

Middle Atlantic pull out racks

As there is a lot of glass in the apartment, we used Waterfall Iguascu glass speakers, as they blend in seamlessly with interior. They also sound rather amazing, too! 

One of two B&W PV1 subwoofers!

This is what we call attention to detail !

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