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Saturday, 31 August 2013

French chateau pt.5 - Cinema room

With the main house multi room system completed, works in the home cinema are progressing.
Cinema will be situated in this lovely old stone and timber barn / summer house. Owners wanted to preserve as much of the original charm so extra care was taken to make everything work. We decided only to paint wall around screen and ceiling section above screen in sexy dark brown. Rest of the room will stay untouched with white painted old beams and stone. Acoustic panels and blackout curtains will be added later, after first room measuring is done but never the less, will complement the interior.

Sonance Cinema Series LRC2 speakers and are in place, fixed on baffle wall behind the screen frame. Freestanding Sonance 12"subwoofers are under the screen.
Frames in front of sub woofers are soon to be covered with acoustic cloth.

150" Screen Excellence Enlightor 4K HD projection screen frame in place.

 View into the garden...

The "white side" of the cinema room which will be also used as a music & listening space.

 Panasonic PT-AT6000 HD 3D projector is in place, surrounded with custom made boxes housing Sonance surround speakers.

 Rack room behind cinema screen is painted and AV rack is slowly getting populated with gear.

 150" metal frame that will hold the screen is mounted over extruded mdf frame which holds L/C/R speakers, tightly squeezed between sheets of acoustic foam to prevent vibration traveling to wall behind.

Back side of AV rack with Onkyo PA-MC5501 9 ch. power amp and Onkyo PR-SC5509 surround processor,  soon to be joined by more juicy AV and HI-FI gear!