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Thursday, 3 July 2014

AV in traditional and classic interiors

A small collage of our AV installations in "old school" interiors. We do not always get to work in cutting edge contemporary apartments and houses, where everything is newly-built from ground up. AV installations in old (and listed) buildings are always a challenge. From running cables to blending technology with period furniture and features. Somehow, it all works out nicely at the end!

What is not visible in these pictures is vast amount of technology hidden away and cleverly integrated into interiors. Invisible (plaster over) speakers, motorized TV lifts that rise out of custom made chests, speakers hidden behind color matched acoustic fabric in bespoke display cabinets and library shelves, stacks of equipment on pull out racks, motorized curtains, programmable lighting, touch screen wall panels and WiFi remote controllers!

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