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Monday, 20 October 2014

Kensington Media Room & whole house in progress

We have reached ground floor and soon will be going underground for last bit of wiring. Concrete shell, of what is going to be an underground (under the garden) cinema room is ready. 
Most of the equipment is bought and being tested / "burned in" at our workshop. Network switchers and W Fi access points are pre configured, URC remote control (via iPad mini) is programmed and tested with all AV equipment. At the site, top floors are all tested - Cat6 cabling and all invisible / plaster over speakers all tested and working! Six weeks to go...

 Concrete shell done! Looking at front screen wall. 

 Love them or hate them! Can't get away from Sonos! 

Master bathroom - back box for Aquavison 22" HD TV is in place. 
Whole (plywood) area will be covered with large custom cut mirror from Picture Frame company. 

Software was used to determine best possible Wi Fi access point positioning.

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