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Monday, 17 April 2017

Temporary Wi-Fi with no Category wiring!

We were asked to provide a temporary whole-house-Wi-Fi-solution at five storey high end rental property. There were no data infrastructure at all in the house and no drilling was allowed!
We opted for mesh installation using 3 x Devolo Ethernet over power adapters, 5 x Unifi AC Pro access points, Unifi Cloud key network manager, 6 x Unifi PoE injectors and DrayTek 2860 router. We got rid of BT router alltogether and replaced it with configured DrayTek. 
Strategically positioned, five AC PRO access points formed a mesh throughout the whole house and delivered (close BT's Infinity maximum speed) very respectable 42,5 mbps download and 11,5 mbps upload.  

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