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Friday, 27 October 2017

Kensington High Street - completed!

After more than a year, all building work is completed and we are in with our gear! Total of four Sony screens (2 x 55" 4K and 2 x 40" HD) mounted with combination of Future Automation and Sanus brackets. Living room TV is helped with Sonos Playbar, sitting in a custom Leon Tonecase.
Sonos Preamp is pumping music to living room via 6 Nakymatone invisible speakers and into the kitchen via 4 Kef Ci200QS speakers, all powered by Sonance 12ch power amp. Full home network and WiFi courtesy of Cisco / Unifi, delivering close to 180 mbps (!) on wireless - using Virgin Media broadband. Happy customers!
Sources include Virgin TiVo V6, Freeview, Hot Bird sat, Panasonic Bluray and Apple TV. Full network monitoring using Domotz Pro hardware.

Kitchen dining with Sony 55" TV

Living Room with another Sony 55" 4K TV with custom Leon bracket & Sonos Playbar

40" TV On Sanus bracket in master bedroom - with two HDAnywhere XTD extenders.
*Virgin V6 box and Hot Bird sat box are placed in the rack room

Network Rack - featuring Domotz Network monitoring.

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